Creamiicandy Marshmellii Piggie Donut

Creamiicandy Marshmellii Piggie Donut squishy with pink heart

About this piggie:
  1. Love donuts? Love pink piggies? This adorable squishy donut piggy is not just cute its also scented!
  2. It's super fun to squeeze these, just dont stretch it too much ;) Licensed by Creamiicandy.
  3. It's a collector's dream, this donut is 12cm (4.7") which is perfect for anyone's collection.
Product information
Category Toy
Brand Creamiicandy
Manufacturer Creamiicandy
Product Type Toys and games
EAN 4900182204622
Youtube Video:
Puni Maru Creamiicandy Marshmelli Donut Squishy
Last Updated: Nov 04, 2018
Published on: Nov 04, 2018